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Tue, 17 Feb, 2009: Nostalgia

Just migrated to, my new domain (new as in, almost 2 years now). This site is old and nostalgic - and has a working contact form :P. But otherwise, unless you're interested in some old code, you should just hop back to my new home, as they say, it ain't much (at time of writing), but it's home sweet home.

Wed, Sep 1, 2004: br0kennez

Haven't updated anything in a while, just noted that the contact form is broken - a quick check reveals a PHP upgrade without the gd libraries extension, sigh, I was using that to generate random-numbered-images. Will have to look into it. On the upside, I have been busy with some work, which is a good thing. All the projects have, unfortunately, stagnated :(. I also need to update my resume.

Hope to get working on the site soon. Ah well, need to get some food and continue with work. It's gonna be a hectic few days. Vague requirements does not a happy developer make.

Thu, Apr 22, 2004: Resume Update

Just made some minor adjustments to my resume. A student I tutor taught me something - that my diverse cultural background is an advantage. This has thus been added. Also removed a minor capitalization inconsistency; and added a line to further detail my undergraduate studies.

Mon, Apr 19, 2004: Contact Form Added!

The Contact section has been added - it features a contact form through which you can mail me. It also uses an image with random numbers that is to be typed into an input box - this is meant to reduce/eliminate automated spam. There's one serious drawback: accessibility; the visually impaired will find this form useless, as I could not use the random numbers in the alt attribute either, or it could be parsed. For this I am truly sorry; you can always contact me via email.

Wed, Apr 14, 2004: Resume and Code breath!

The Resume and Code sections are now alive and kicking! Muahahahhaha again! That's the first milestone - next I intend to have some literature or blog online. Also perhaps a simple message board. But first more code to write, and more JOBS to apply for!! Somebody hire me, see Resume :P.

Mon, Apr 12, 2004: About!

The About link now works! Muahahahhaha! Okay, next stop is Resume and Code!! But now it is time to sleep!

Tue, Apr 6, 2004: Hello, World!

So, it's finally up! Now, if I can decide on some decent content! My portfolio (under Code) is still on the way, alas, and graduate positions close soon, hope I get something running ASAP! Oh, before I forget, some acknowledgements:

This website is online thanks to the gracious contribution of for the webspace, bandwidth and all server-side utilities; due to recent problems with the server, spathi-wa has been kind enough to mirror the site - obviously contributing his resources. The page title is void * - the god of pointers - alas so many TLDs associated with the name have been taken, I shall have a hard time seeking a real domain in the future; I studied the initial CSS stylesheet from tw|lit's site, it saved me heaps of time in designing my own. Jaani contributed the original logo for the site. Finally, tips on using PHP and cookies for theme selection were provided by spathi-wa. Thanks everyone! It goes without saying that for each useful thing that I do, the Divine Grace has a significant part to play in it - having said that, I hope this site proves useful :P.

Okay, for now, ignore the broken links, working on them as fast as I can. A programmer's website's self-inauguration (if I may so call it) would not be complete without the ancient, and highly revered "hello world" program, so without further ado....

 * Hello World Program in C
 * Author: Me
 * License: SEKRET PATENT!!

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
   printf("Hello, World!\n");
   return EXIT_SUCCESS;

©2004, Kamal Advani, technophobe [at] warpmail [dot] net