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This website is named after the generic C pointer - void*. There are several implications arising from such a name: first, that I can be considered rather lame! However, let's take a deeper look at this, shall we? We shall - you have no say here :D.

The void* is generic, and accepts all types of pointer variables. It adds considerable power to the C language, coupled with function pointers you are granted the ability to produce truly re-usable libraries.

What am I getting at? Hmm.. I'm not sure, oh yeah: in life too the ideal is to be accomodative of situations/people, for it adds tremendous flexibility to the person practicing the virtue. In that sense, a C pointer knows more about proper living than me. Ouch. I think that's enough information on void pointers.

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I'm job hunting for a techie job!!! HIRE ME!!! Erm, sorry, wrong section.

About me: I am your regular nocturnal coder (Pedants Alert: yes I know analysis and design are more important than coding!), I have played with various common languages at some point or the other, but C's power and succint syntax, and Java's elegance have captured me (apart from the fact that most of the code I've written at university has been in these 2 languages). Btw, what's with the ever-slowing JVM :( ?

Currently I reside in Melbourne, Australia, though home to me is Jakarta, Indonesia. My interests include reading, netsurfing, killing time, annoying people with lame jokes, and various other things that you'll probably infer from my site as it develops. I think that's about it for me. You can contact me at (besides using the Contact Form):

technophobe [at] warpmail [dot] net
kamal_advani [at] warpmail [dot] net

The latter is reserved for "official" mail, such as if you want to offer me a job :D! The former is for anything else - this includes comments on the site, questions on: my code, why the sky is blue, why I couldn't think of a better name for the site, why your dog is sick, why your love life is screwed, etc., etc. I don't guarantee replies (for non-official mail), but I promise to "try very hard" (reminds me of TCP).

Be sure to read the acknowledgements if you enjoyed the site, if you didn't, well the contributors "tried very hard" to make this site enjoyable in their own way - so read them anyway :).


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